Collegiate Recovery

The Statistics

- Collegiate Recovery Statistics -

Collegiate Recovery Programs nationwide report participants have higher GPA and graduation rates along with much lower relapse rates than the general population.

College student use of alcohol and illegal drugs on campus

  • 2.7 million full time students report binge drinking on campus.
  • 1.8 million full time students report illegal substance use on campus

2017 results from SAMHSA

Students meeting the criteria for substances disorders

  • 733,000 full time students met the criteria for an alcohol use disorder
  • 480,000 full time students met the criteria for a substance use disorder
  • 840,000 full time students are in recovery.
  • 64% of students leaving college do so for behavioral health reasons

2017 results from SAMHSA

What are the results for students in collegiate recovery programs?

  • Exceed graduation rates of the general student population by 21%
  • Have higher GPA's than the general student population
  • Only 5% return to using illegal drugs or other substances.

Association for Recovery in Higher Education (ARHE)