The CYAAR Portal

Education, Information, Online Meetings, Outreach

We set our students up for success in their recovery process by providing structure and accountability,  easier ways to educate themselves, have deeper connections to community, and  stay organized and informed.  We are online, on-demand,  mobile and always available.

Provide Education

The portal contains a variety of education and content on the disease of addiction, the recovery process and health and wellness strategies.   

Keep Students Organized

Personal calendars in the portal hold student  appointments, meetings and commitments to provide structure to their day and the month ahead.

Person with mobile phone
Keep Commitments

We help students stay accountable to make their  commitments, send reminders through text and email and have them check in.

Act on Feedback

We ask for feedback to best serve our students and families  through mobile surveys, reviews of content and feedback forms.  We monitor results and adjust.

Discussion forum
Extend Community

Use our technology to find more ways to stay connected through discussion forums, messaging, and virtual support groups.

Informed & Organized

The portal reaches out regularly with updates, event invitations  and reminders to  keep you informed. Messages are sent via email and text.