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There is never a cost for students to participate in collegiate recovery.  Learn more about how you can support our efforts.

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All funds donated to our collegiate recovery program are tax-deductible with donations going to fund our staff positions, educational initiatives, technology portal, and student activities

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Throughout the year, our program has a number of events and initiatives that you could support through your sponsorship. Get recognized as a sponsor and help us expand the programming we can offer.  

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Many of our students do not have scholarships or family support to get their education and depend on jobs or scholarships to fund their education. If you would like to offer a scholarship to one of our students, we have a formal scholarship program.  

Donate to our Scholarship Fund

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Corporate Sponsorships

Companies that support the substance abuse and addiction prevention and recovery effort at our college are welcome to become corporate sponsors. Corporate sponsors get a number of opportunities to raise their visibility among the college community, its students, and parents. Explore Corporate Sponsorship