Is a collegiate recovery program right for you?

We invite current or prospective students to learn more about our collegiate recovery community and explore ways to get involved or join us.
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Is the program right for me?

Students in our program instantly connect to a community of other students that are dedicated to a lifestyle of abstinence from drugs and alcohol, a commitment to education, and a focus on post-college careers. Participants receive preferred class schedules, coaches and counseling, educational opportunities regarding recovery, and social events. Colleges report that students in recovery programs on average have a higher GPA and graduation rate.

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But I have questions.

Students have a number of questions about how our program works, why they should consider it, how to get involved, and what happens once you are a program participant.

Check out the frequently asked questions to get the answers you need.   FAQs

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Join or become involved

f you think the program is right for you, we invite you to apply and let us walk you through how the program works. Or, feel free to access our portal as a member to get great content and education on how to navigate college life, maintaining your health and wellness. Click and we'll show you two ways to become involved with the program.

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